Hillary Pledges to Ask Husband Bill for Ideas, Advice as President

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was asked Sunday at the Democratic Debate on NBC what type of role her husband and former president Bill Clinton would have if she became president.

Clinton stated she would lean on her husband and ask for his ideas and advice in the White House.

“Well, it’ll start at the kitchen table; we’ll see how it goes from there. And I’m going to have the very best advisors that I can possibly have. And when it comes to the economy, and what was accomplished under my husband’s leadership in the ’90s, especially when it came to raising incomes for everybody, and lifting more people out of poverty than any time in recent history, you bet, I’m going to ask for his ideas, I’m going ask for his advice and I’m going use them as goodwill emissary to go around the country to find the best ideas we’ve got.”

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