Exclusive: Dr. Kelli Ward Raised More Than $660,000 in 2015

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Dr. Kelli Ward raised more than $660,000 last year to launch her campaign to oust Sen. John McCain, Ward’s campaign tells Breitbart News exclusively.

The Ward campaign still has more than $250,000 cash on hand at the end of her second quarter of fundraising. Over the course of fourth quarter fundraising Ward brought in close to $140,000.

Ward raised more than half a million in her first quarter of fundraising, more than any insurgent U.S. Senate candidate except Sen. Ted Cruz.

Ward’s campaign tells Breitbart News that in the first two quarters of fundraising Ward has gained support from a donor community of 3,611. In December alone the campaign drew in 697 new online donors. The Ward campaign expressed a forward-looking view, since most donors aren’t yet maxed out in allowable contributions.

Ward’s place at the front of the field to challenge McCain leaves big donors watching the race taking a closer look at the candidate. She has been featured more than once on Mark Levin’s nationally syndicated radio program and just last week Ward joined radio and TV host Sean Hannity for his daily radio program.

Political groups have watched and lobbied to see whether any other prominent Republicans would enter the race to challenge McCain, but Representatives Matt Salmon and Dave Schweikert have made clear their intentions to stay out of the race. Schweikert confirmed just Saturday his resolution to remain in the U.S. House of Representatives. Salmon solidified months ago his resolve to remain in the House as well.

Saturday also brought news that the Republican Party of Maricopa County voted overwhelmingly to endorse “anyone but McCain.” Chairman Tyler Bowyer said following the vote, “The ‘Anyone But McCain’ sentiment expressed by the grassroots Republicans perfectly mirrors the dissatisfaction of the millions of everyday Arizonans who are tired of an out-of-control federal government.”

Bowyer broke down the reasoning behind the decision:

From the commentary of many activists, Senator McCain’s recent vote to increase the national debt to more than $20 trillion, while fully funding Planned Parenthood was a clear message that he is more inclined to choose President Obama and Harry Reid over the will of the Arizona voters in order to retain his D.C. establishment power.

Maricopa County Republicans as well as the Arizona State GOP voted just two years ago to officially censure the entrenched D.C. Republican McCain for a history of liberal votes. In light of Maricopa’s Saturday McCain resolution eyes turn to the Arizona State GOP and whether a similar resolution may pass there as well.

After the 2014 censure of McCain reports indicated that McCain allies moved to purge party conservatives.

Ward polled nine per cent higher than McCain in a poll taken in August 2015.

Radio and TV host Sean Hannity said in the radio segment that included Ward and lefty writer and radio host Rick Ungar, Hannity stated, “I think Dr. Ward has a good shot of knocking off McCain.”

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