Carly Fiorina: The Left’s ‘Fiction Says If You’re Pro-Life You’re Against Women’

Dr. Susan Berry/Breitbart News
Dr. Susan Berry/Breitbart News

Progressives and liberals have created false narratives around women and abortion, GOP presidential contender Carly Fiorina said today at a press conference with reporters covering the March for Life.

“The left has had this fiction that somehow if you’re pro-life, you’re against women,” Fiorina said.

“They’ve peddled the fiction that Planned Parenthood is all about women’s health, when, really, it’s all about abortion. And, so, I think it’s important that we stand up and say, ‘Conservative women exist’ – let’s just start with that – and, secondly, that ‘We care for women and for unborn life.’ And they go hand in hand.’”

Fiorina was commenting on the theme of this year’s March for Life: “Pro-Life and Pro-Woman Go Hand in Hand.”

Asked by Breitbart News about how she viewed the abortion issue legislatively in the coming election year, Fiorina replied:

We have to elect a pro-life president. In a President Fiorina budget there will not be a dime of funding for Planned Parenthood, although we will fund women’s health in community health centers and pregnancy centers across the country. I would hope we could finally get the Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act passed and through the White House because the American people have found common ground on that issue. The majority of men, of women, of young people all agree late-term abortion after 20 weeks is wrong, so let’s go take that common ground.

Breitbart News asked Fiorina about Hillary Clinton’s endorsement by Planned Parenthood and the Democrat candidate’s decision to double down on her support of abortion on demand.

“Yes, Hillary Clinton has doubled down on her support of abortion,” Fiorina said. “She’s up in New Hampshire today, giving a pro-abortion speech.”

“I think it demonstrates what we’ve always known – Planned Parenthood is a political operation,” she said, continuing:

They funnel millions of dollars to pro-abortion candidates year after year after year. I say to women who are pro-choice, just think about it this way – is it fair that taxpayers fund a political operation? Of course, it’s not fair. So, I think Hillary Clinton is getting the endorsement of a political operation as we expected.

Asked by another reporter about the fact that she was the only presidential candidate to come out for the March for Life, Fiorina responded, “Yes, I’m the only one. Yes, it does speak volumes.”

“This is a priority of mine,” she added. “I think a woman’s voice is very important on this issue. The left would like you to believe that I don’t exist. My candidacy has been called ‘offensive to women.’”

Fiorina said the pro-life movement was winning its battle.

“We’re winning this battle with science, we’re winning this battle with popular opinion,” she asserted. “I am not going to sit down and be quiet. Planned Parenthood shows up, throws condoms at me, shouts and screams so people can’t hear me, but – guess what? It is why I’m running for president. We have to take our country back, and we have to restore the character of this nation.”

Fiorina added that so many young people are pro-life because they understand the science of life.

“Young people know the DNA in a zygote is the same DNA as the day we die,” she said. “So more and more of them are saying, ‘Yes, life begins at conception, and it must be protected.’”

The Republican candidate contrasted Planned Parenthood with privately funded pregnancy centers.

“The pro-life movement is pro-mother and pro-woman,” she said. “I’ve been to many of these centers – and what I see are people in a community who care deeply about a woman’s emotional health, her spiritual well-being, as well as her physical well-being.”

“And – unlike a Planned Parenthood clinic – a pregnancy center gives a woman options,” she added. “It helps her understand what her options and her choices are. Many of these privately funded pregnancy centers are providing job skills for women – and to the fathers as well.”

She continued:

Women’s health is an investment priority for this nation. It’s why I find it so hypocritical, honestly, for Planned Parenthood to say ‘We’re investing in women’s health.’ They’re not investing in women’s health, but we could invest more in women’s health…by funding community health centers, by funding pregnancy centers, by making birth control over the counter – which is the fastest way to depress the price of birth control and make it available to everyone…

“But, first, we have to start by defunding Planned Parenthood and standing up for life,” Fiorina concluded.


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