‘We Are the Lifeboat of The World’: Beck Pleads Cruz Rally To Accept Even ‘Marxist Atheists’ Because ‘They Renew Us ‘

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik
AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

WATERLOO, Iowa — On stage here, media personality Glenn Beck stole the show from the presidential candidate he’s endorsing—Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)—on Saturday night, speaking for about 15 minutes longer than Cruz did, and took the audience way off Cruz’s message.

“We have to realize that compassion comes in different packages than what is being sold,” Beck said on the stage for the Cruz event, about 40 minutes into his hour-long rant.

And let’s not forget that charity begins at home. If we don’t get a hold of our borders, if we let this continue to go on, we are the lifeboat of the world—bring me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses—we are the lifeboat of the world. Unless we get control of our borders, our boat will sink and we won’t be able to help anyone. There are people who wish to do us harm. There are people who wish to bleed us dry. And those people must be sent home. But at the same time—at the same time—I was with an Irishman this week. I just hired a guy from Ireland. He lives in Dublin. He loves our country so much. He wants to live here so badly. He’s not popular in Ireland as you can imagine.

After explaining more about his Irish friend, Beck noted he hired the Irishman for TheBlaze radio “to remind us of what people think about us on the outside of our country because we have forgotten.”

Beck’s speech continued by urging Iowans to support someone like Cruz, who he argued would take risks to bring as many Marxist atheists—like Cruz’s father was when he came in from Cuba— as possible into America from foreign lands on the off chance they might end up seeing the light and becoming conservative Christians.

“So when we look at immigration, let’s remember that people—if they want to come here and want to be Americans—they renew us,” Beck said.

And you never know what somebody might do. There was a Marxist, a Marxist who didn’t really realize how Marxist he was that moved into the United States. A guy who fought in a revolution for Marxist principles. He was a little nuts, a little crazy at the time—almost lost his life in fact in the struggle. Came over here, he was an atheist. Didn’t believe in God. Now, who wants that guy here? Except that guy happens to be Rafael Cruz who fell in love with our principles, fell in love with our country, and raised a man who could be the next president of the United States.

Beck’s windingly long speech Saturday night lasted about 57 minutes, about 15 minutes longer than Cruz’s which lasted about 42 minutes.


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