Palin Pounds Fox, Defends Trumps as ‘Genuine Game Changer’

Andrew Burton/Getty Images
Andrew Burton/Getty Images

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin posted the following defense of GOP front-runner Donald Trump to her Facebook page:

Media: Here, Let Me Define For You a Genuine “Game Changer”

Regarding Donald Trump honoring our U.S. Veterans instead of playing tonight’s much ballyhooed media debate game: of course Trump owns the issue. And he’ll own tonight.

Any “journalist” or media outlet perched upon a pedestal all spun up for ratings’ sake, pretending to be King Maker in a Presidential election, obviously can’t understand how passé and laughable an elitist attitude is to Americans. Trump just spoke for the majority of us who are through with a prejudice press and a political hierarchy expecting us to hit our knees at their command. Enough is enough; Trump’s victory on this issue proves we have a choice. The courageous GOP frontrunner is speaking for us with his “screw it, biased media… the people deserve better” red line. Finally. Trump will now lead others with this empowerment to go around media filters and egos and everything else that’s stood between people with a heart to serve and the voters. This is a genuine game changer, and media assumptions of all stripes can never be the same. Candidates speaking directly with us is what we’ve craved, as opposed to the mocking heads’ narratives crafted behind cameras, teleprompters, and an airbrushed “flawlessness” that’s more transparent than they’ve realized. It’s been a sad herd mentality and a lot of laziness on the part of many mediums that result in a targeted person’s trashed record and reputation. That’s changing; that’s why they’re coming unglued. Trump’s entire candidacy exposes government and media establishments’ politics of destruction, and his efforts allow us to connect more dots, which has rocked their insular world. Light shining on all this is good! We’re on our way to a great awakening that will make America great again, by the grace of God!

Of course choosing a patriotic military event over yet one more orchestrated debate is a winning, rogue move on Trump’s part. He gets to continue answering voters’ questions directly; he’s holding accountable a bulwark of democracy – our free press – all while assisting and celebrating America’s finest who paid the price defending that freedom.

Silly politicians calling Trump “chicken” for choosing a U.S. Veterans fundraiser don’t want you to know that all the complainers tonight – the ENTIRE field under the RNC – skipped out on NBC hosting next month’s debate in Houston, citing unfair treatment by CNBC moderators. The Republican machine refused participation until host changes were made, and then it was applause all around for making that call. Hypocrisy, much, boys? Like Ronald Reagan deftly (and unapologetically) skipping his last Iowa debate, Rush Limbaugh explains why it’s stupid to hand bullets to a firing squad ready to do its thing.

Feel free at last, electorate! We can go elsewhere to seek truthful information that includes a candidate’s voting record, their responsibility in spending other people’s money and balancing budgets, their record of negotiating to win, their private sector acumen and personal accomplishments, who they’re beholden to, if they’ve incentivized more illegal aliens to flood our borders with gifts and freebies – making America much less secure… oh, and so much more! Like, if politics is their profession in perpetuity, which is the antithesis of our Founders’ vision. Really, it’s our responsibility as freedom-keepers to do our own homework on candidates asking us to hire them. Be confident you are so much better than what you’re fed via much of the media, especially during election season. With today’s research technology, trustworthy citizen journalists can help provide accurate information. So can those of us who studied journalism and earned our college degrees in the field, or – no doubt more importantly – those from the school of hard knocks with OTJ career creds who learned the sacredness of “Who, What, Where, When, and Why” press rules and ethos.

Today’s professional “journalists” have underestimated the wisdom of the people. They’ve wrongly assumed this as a sheep-like population, gullible and easily kept in line by a media scepter, never finding an independent candidate strong enough to break the chains of status quo. But that candidate stepped forth and the movement is underway. With an undeniable, unmatched record of success, Trump proves his work ethic and skills far surpass politicians’ constant yakking about their self-recognized “leadership” that gets us nowhere. Much more powerful are a person’s accomplishments than are these tired poll-tested memorized memes that conventional candidates pay consultants to draft for them. America will be made great again when the permanent political and media class is sent that message. It starts in Iowa.

– Sarah Palin

(P.S. Is it just me, or if a debate host has made himself or herself the principal in a story they’re expected to objectively cover for the edification of the public, and they even acknowledge they’re the reason the frontrunner chooses not to participate, then isn’t it common sense (and courtesy to the voting public) to simply, humbly allow someone else to moderate the debate? With all due respect, what a strange game at play. It’s at the expense of straight-shooting candidates gunning in competition for the nation’s top administrative position, and more importantly, at the expense of Americans who deserve to hear them instead of the cries from a pity-partying press with noses out of joint because someone finally took a stand for common sense and an even playing field.


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