Eric Cantor Stumps for Jeb! ‘He’s Got a Real Spine, Steady Hand’

Jeb! and Eric Cantor Jay WestcottReuters
Jay Westcott/Reuters

Eric Cantor (R-VA) , the former House Majority Leader, continues to promote Jeb Bush for the Republican nomination for President, telling supporters Wednesday that the former Florida Governor has a “real spine” and “steady hand.”

Cantor said Bush sticks “to the principles of limited government” and “is the one who will never let you down,” while stumping for the Republican hopeful for President at Colby-Sawyer College in New London, New Hampshire.

Cantor also appeared on CNN Tuesday to promote the former Florida governor’s candidacy.

I know that Jeb Bush has a tremendous force on the ground. I’ll be up in New Hampshire with Governor Bush tomorrow,” he told CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin.

Responding to doubts about his polling numbers, Cantor said:

This is a long process. Remember, there were – they’re only 6 percent of the delegates eligible for selection in February. March is a much bigger month. You know, and, again, I think when you look at New Hampshire, Jeb Bush had always said, at least going back as far as last November, that he was really going to pull out of Iowa and not spend a lot of money and focus his efforts on organizing New Hampshire.

Baldwin responded, “I mean, what do you make of the dramatic fall for him?”

“As we saw last night with the narrative of Donald Trump losing to Ted Cruz, a lot of the polling that has taken place prior to a primary taking place is very, very iffy,” Cantor stated.

Later in the interview, he went on to attack Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) because he has not yet secured an endorsement in the Senate.

The latest New Hampshire tracking poll by UMass/7News places Bush in 4th place, with nine percent of the vote.

Cantor, who was unseated from Congress following a Tea Party-led revolt against his leadership in the House, endorsed Jeb Bush August, 2015.

“Governor Bush is a true conservative leader with a long-term vision for this country and the practical know-how to implement it,” Cantor said in his endorsement. “After eight years of anemic growth and declining international relevance, America needs a president that can re-energize our nation and recapture our greatness — Jeb Bush is that man. I look forward to working closely with the governor and his team as they chart a course to the White House.”


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