Donald Trump: ‘I Am a Unifier’ for a Fractured Nation

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Donald Trump said that he is a “unifier” who will bring the fractured nation together.

“I bring people together,” Trump stated. “I am a unifier … You will see our country is going to come together,” he vowed.

Trump suggested that President Barack Obama is a divider, adding that right now in the country, “Everybody hates everybody.”

The GOP frontrunner spoke at a campaign rally in Florence, South Carolina on Friday night. “It’s a movement,” Trump said about attendance at his large rallies. He said his supporters can take the country back, adding “We’re going to run our country intelligently.”

Trump referred to politicians as “blood suckers” who take money from donors and special interests. He said he is the only candidate on the Democrat or Republican side who is self-funding his own campaign.

Trump talked about the incoming migrants from the Middle East, saying it could be a “Trojan horse” for terrorism, because the refugees cannot be vetted properly. He also said Christianity is under siege and stressed the threat of radical Islamic terrorism.

Trump focused on his ability to make great deals for the country, said that “not the right people [are] negotiating our deals.”

He said the Second Amendment is “vital to protect.” He touched on illegal immigration, promising, “We’re going to have strong borders again. We’re going to have the wall.”

Trump referenced the recent Iowa caucus where he placed second to Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX). “I think we did great. The people of Iowa are tremendous,” Trump said. “I think we should have come in first … a lot of things happened there,” he added, referencing the controversy between Dr. Ben Carson and the Cruz campaign telling caucus goers that Carson was “suspending campaigning” ahead of the votes.

“Isn’t it funny, I came in a strong, strong second. Third was quite a distance away,” Trump said of Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), who placed third, losing to Trump by roughly 2,000 votes.

“I think I came in first, I’ll be honest,” Trump said about coming in second in Iowa, “But honestly it doesn’t matter. We got a lot of delegates.”

Trump said this week he is focused on New Hampshire, and then next week he will focus on South Carolina.


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