Bill Clinton’s ‘Bimbo Eruption’

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Getty Images

This article was written by Gideon Resnick and published by the Daily Beast:

As Donald Trump descended his podium at a rally in Arkansas last week, a familiar scene of screaming fans met him with requests for autographs and selfies. Everything was gaudy in a typically Trumpian way but for the presence of one person in particular: Paula Jones.

“Go ahead honey, go,” Trump told Jones as she turns around for a selfie with the Republican frontrunner. When her husband introduced himself, Trump leaned over the railing and said “you got lucky man, look how beautiful,” before moving along down the line.

Jones, who made national headlines for suing former president Bill Clinton for sexual harassment in 1994, has emerged from obscurity to support Trump’s presidential bid, posting a selfie on Twitter after meeting the orange-hued mogul in her home state. Jones’s suit against Clinton was eventually dismissed for lack of evidence, but the then-president still agreed to pay her $850,000 in an out-of-court settlement in 1998.

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