Jeb on Trump’s Language: ‘You Don’t Want Kids Hearing This Stuff’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Kelly File,” Republican presidential candidate Jeb Bush said of the profanity his rival Donald Trump uses on the campaign trail, “You don’t want kids hearing this stuff.”

Bush said, “I had a town hall meeting overflow crowd about 500 people in a town — 600 people we were expecting 150 and a kid at the very end asked me, are you going to be as mean and ugly as Donald Trump? That was his question. He’s hearing this stuff. People hear it. You don’t want kids hearing this stuff. The presidency should be sacred ground. It should be the place that people are inspired by the leader. It needs to be the place where we unify around a set of common purposes purposes. Denigrating people and shouting profanities and saying he didn’t say it. He did say it, He said it out loud. And he’s done far more than the P word he’s got the F word and the S word and every other word. That is the way our country will move forward. I just reject that kind of notion out of hand.”

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