National Poll: Bernie Sanders Only -7 Points Behind Hillary Clinton

Dem debate Wisconsin (Morry Gash / Associated Press)
Morry Gash / Associated Press

The bad news for Hillary Clinton continue to gets worse. After winning what was really a statistical tie in Iowa and getting murdered by 22 points in New Hampshire Tuesday night, a just-released national poll shows that Bernie Sanders is not just a candidate who can compete in Iowa and the Granite State. Nationally, the Jurassic Socialist is now just -7 points behind the Benghazi Bungler: 46% to 39%.

Just last week, Clinton was ahead by double digits, +13 points, 50% to 37%. The week prior, Clinton led by +16 points, 51% to 35%.

This Morning Consult poll does not appear to be an outlier. Although it is more than a week old, the last national poll taken of the Democrat primary showed Sanders just -2 points down, 42% to 44%.

South Carolina, the next primary state, is a huge test for the socialist. If he can grab even 30% to 40% of the black vote, Hillary has no firewall left.


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