Marco Rubio On Pop Culture, Cars, Yoga, And The Zombie Apocalypse

GREENVILLE, SC - FEBRUARY 12: Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) (R) participates in the South Carolina Faith and Family Presidential Forum as moderator Oran Smith (L) looks on February 12, 2016 in Greenville, South Carolina.)
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In a video posted by PJ Media, Marco Rubio answers 46 rapid fire questions on multiple topics, including pop culture, cars, yoga, music, and the zombie apocalypse.

    1. What’s your middle name? – Antonio
    2. Favorite candy? – Lollipops
    3. Dogs or cats? Dogs
    4. Do aliens exist? – I don’t know
    5. Beer or wine? – Neither
    6. Facebook or Twitter? – Facebook
    7. Secretary of Defense, Batman or Superman? – Probably Superman, he’s got powers
    8. Washington, DC is, fill in the blank. – A mess
    9. Should we go back to the moon? – Mars is better
    10. Your dream car is… – The one I have now. It’s an F-150
    11. Ice hockey: overrated or underrated? – Underrated
    12. What’s your Starbucks order? – I don’t drink Starbucks
    13. Describe your fashion style. – Whatever my wife buys me
    14. Would you go skydiving? – Yeah
    15. Who was your first kiss? – I don’t remember
    16. Do you use emojis? – What is an, oh, no, those little face things? No, I don’t do that
    17. Website you visit the most? –
    18. Do you eat sushi? – No
    19. Ever done yoga? – No, I’m American
    20. You’re ideal vacation? – Right now, these days? Going home and watching TV on NFL football
    21. Brad Pitt or George Clooney? – Oh gosh, give me a third choice
    22. Hillary or Bernie? – I want to run against Bernie or Hillary, either one, we’ll beat ’em
    23. Driving range or firing range? – Firing range
    24. Sweet potato or pumpkin pie? – Oh, that’s tough, sweet potato
    25. Favorite national park? – The Everglades
    26. What superpower would you choose? – Superpower? I’d love to fly
    27. Biggest phobia? – Losing
    28. One word your spouse uses to describe you? – Marco
    29. One skill people don’t know you have? – I use to be able to sing
    30. Your favorite hip-hop artist? – Of all time? Tupac
    31. Favorite Democrat? – Uh, next question
    32. Do we still need the penny? – Yeah, we need the penny. How are you gonna get to 91 cents?
    33. Ford or Chevy? – Ford
    34. Basketball or baseball? – Basketball
    35. During the zombie apocalypse, what’s your weapon of choice? – Lightsaber
    36. Ronald Reagan or Calvin Coolidge? – Ronald Reagan
    37. Jason Bourne or James Bond? – Bond
    38. Harry Potter or Hunger Games? – Hunger Games
    39. What’s your spirit animal? – I don’t have a spirit animal, man
    40. Favorite karaoke song? – Probably something from Kool & the Gang. People forgot about them
    41. Favorite ice cream flavor? – Rocky Road
    42. Do you play video games? – Not any more, oh, Madden
    43. Star Wars or Star Trek? – Star Wars
    44. Eggs scrambled or overeasy? – Scrambled
    45. Favorite mainstream media host? – I haven’t watched mainstream, is NFL Today, in mainstream media? James Brown
    46. Best thing about running for president? – The people you meet.

Watch the full video below:


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