Video: Japanese Soccer Players Ignore Nearby Volcanic Eruption

A soccer game in Japan continued uninterrupted last week while an active volcano visibly erupted nearby, Chile’s CHVNoticias website reported on Wednesday, noting that all athletes, officials, and spectators of the event participated in the game as if nothing was amiss despite plumes of volcanic smoke gathering in the sky above the open-air soccer stadium.

southwestern Japan’s Kyushu island at the foot of Sakurajima, an active volcano

Lockdowns Expand in Greater Beijing 9 Days Before Olympics

Chinese Communist Party officials locked down much of the city of Sanhe, which borders Beijing, on Wednesday — just nine days before Beijing will host the 2022 Winter Olympics — after detecting a new Chinese coronavirus infection in a Sanhe resident who commutes to Beijing daily, the Global Times reported.

Workers deliver a cart loaded with equipment to a commercial plaza at the Winter Olympic V