Dallas Cowboys Turn to Yoga for Injury Relief

Spectators at NFL training camps are used to seeing teams work on blitz packages such as, Zone Dog. However, those watching Cowboys camp in Oxnard, California, are not just getting to see Zone Dog, they’re also getting Downward Dog.

Cowboys Yoga

College Bans Yoga Because Of ‘Cultural Appropriation’

Yoga classes have been banned at a Canadian university because of  “cultural genocide… due to colonialism and western supremacy” after complaints from political correct students.  Jennifer Schaf had been providing free weekly yoga sessions for both disabled and able-bodied students at the University

College Bans Yoga

‘Broga’: Yoga for Men

Yoga is not just for women. A new, less intimidating and more straightforward version of the ancient practice has arrived on the scene and is growing in popularity, particularly with men. It’s called “Broga.” Broga creator and co-founder Robert Sidoti

Broga (U.S. Army / Flickr / CC / Cropped)