Pro-Life Leaders Mourn Justice Antonin Scalia

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The death of Justice Antonin Scalia hit pro-lifers particularly hard today since he was a consistent voice and vote against Supreme Court cases upholding a right to abortion.

Pro-lifers were hoping that a new president — and the retirement of Justice Ginsburg and Justice Breyer, along with Justice Anthony Kennedy — would swing the court in a pro-life direction. While it was entirely possible that Scalia would have retired in the coming years, pro-lifers were confident he would be replaced by another constitutional conservative.

Robert P. George, Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University and founder of the American Principles Project, said,

Over the course of our nation’s history, many jurists have been described as ‘towering figures in the law.’ Antonin Scalia had the distinction of being one of the handful for whom the description is actually justified.

He preached the principle that the Constitution should be interpreted in a way that honors the text—the words on the page—and understood as the words were intended by those whose act of ratification made them the fundamental law of the land.

Antonin Scalia was my dear friend and I shall miss him. His death is a grave loss to the Nation and a blow to the cause of fidelity to the Constitution. My deepest condolences to his widow Maureen and to his children and grandchildren. Requiscet in pace.

Edward Whelan, President of the Ethics and Public Policy Center and former clerk to Justice Scalia, said, “I am saddened beyond words by the news of the death of Justice Scalia, a great justice, boss, mentor and friend. I pray for the repose of his soul and for his widow Maureen and the rest of his wonderful family.”

Father Frank Pavone, President of Priests for Life, told Breitbart News:

Justice Scalia had a profound understanding of how our government — and in particular the Supreme Court — is supposed to work. He did not want the Court to create public policy– whether it was policy he agreed with or not. He urged people to use the political and legislative process to bring about change. In the days to come, let us pray for him, for his family, and for the Court and the nation he served so well. In his memory, let us strive to attain his understanding of this great Republic and to work tirelessly to preserve and expand the blessings it can be for the world.

Judie Brown, President of the American Life League, said, “From the perspective of constitutional protection for human rights beginning with the right to life, America has lost a wise, articulate, astute and dedicated defender of the Constitution. Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia will be sorely missed.  We pray for the happy repose of his soul and for his family during this time of grieving.”

Charmaine Yoest, Chairman of Americans United for Life, called Scalia’s passing “…tragic, and we hope that when it comes time for the Senate to vote on his replacement, that a worthy successor who can pick up his banner can be found after the election.”

Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue, told Breitbart News, “With the passing of the esteemed Justice Scalia, America stands at a crossroads. Will she choose the path of fascism or freedom? We are just one Obama appointee away from a totalitarian government. Two years ago the GOP promised the American people that, if elected, they would stop the Obama agenda, this is the GOP’s moment to shine as lights in a dark night or be extinguished as a stale candle.”

Ryan Bomberger, Chief Creative Officer of the Radiance Foundation, told Breitbart News:

Justice Scalia’s death is a huge loss for his family and for America. His adherence to sound Constitutional principles was evident in his rulings. His passionate loyalty to the Right to Life, as enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble of the Constitution, helped challenge the supremely wrong injustice inflicted upon this nation in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton. His death is a clarion call to conservatives, to Christians, to prolife advocates–to those who value the rule of law–to ensure our next President appoints a constitutionalist like Scalia. His intellect, insight, and integrity will be incredibly missed.

Matt Staver, President of Liberty Counsel, said:

With the passing of Justice Scalia, the future of the High Court and the future of America is hanging in the balance. The Senate must not confirm any nominee to the Supreme Court from President Obama. The Senate must hold off any confirmation until the next President is seated. Unfortunately the presidential debates have been more theater and less substance about the real issues surrounding the Supreme Court. The election of the next President has now taken on even greater importance. The future of the Supreme Court and America now depends on the Senate blocking any nominee by President Obama and the people electing the right person to occupy the White House.

Founder of Rock for Life and current president of Stand True, Bryan Kemper, told Breitbart News:

The pro-life generation has lost a true hero and champion for life and justice. When I first got involved with the pro-life movement I learned about Justice Scalia and the importance of his role in our fight for human rights and dignity. My heart is heavy but I am also confident that he will be greeted in heaven by all of those babies he stood up for.  We will miss you Justice Scalia, and we will never stop fighting until we bring an end the abortion holocaust.

Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life, told Breitbart News, “This makes the 2016 election even more crucial. We must elect a President who puts life first, who has a record of fighting for the preborn and will defund the nation’s largest abortion vendor, Planned Parenthood. Pro-lifers must vote, and they must vote in record numbers. The election could truly mean the difference between ending legal abortion in my lifetime or not. Millions of lives weigh in the balance.”

Eric Scheduler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action Leagues, told Breitbart News, “I’m most grateful to Justice Antonin Scalia for his defense of the civil rights of pro-life activists, particularly joining the 8-1 and 8-0 majorities that reversed the judgement against my father Joe in the landmark National Organization for Women v. Scheidler case. More recently. Justice Scalia spoke eloquently of the work of pro-life sidewalk counselors in the McCullen v. Coakley case that struck down buffer zones around abortion clinics. He will be sorely missed by those of us working to save lives on the front lines outside abortion clinics.”


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