Glenn Beck Blasts Trump’s ‘Shameful’ Attack on Bush Family, Slams Rubio for ‘Aligning Himself’ with Trump


Media personality Glenn Beck, who is in South Carolina to campaign for Ted Cruz in the run-up to the first in the South GOP primary, defended the Bush family against what he characterized as the “shameful” attacks of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump, and he castigated Marco Rubio for “aligning himself” with Trump’s “name calling.”

At a press conference this afternoon in South Carolina before his speech at a rally for Ted Cruz, Beck stated that he agreed with the assessment of Lindsey Graham who called Donald Trump “a Michael Moore Republican.”

The talk radio host called Saturday’s GOP debate “one of the most unsettling things I’ve ever seen.”

“And to see how many Republicans would join in – especially Marco Rubio… to throw his lot in and start name calling. It’s just not presidential. That’s what America is tired of,” Beck stated.

Beck said that George W. Bush’s appearance with his brother in the Palmetto State won’t change the race in South Carolina, but Bush “might bring some honor and integrity.”

“I think Donald Trump lost the election on Saturday night in South Carolina, and quite honestly I think Rubio by aligning himself — not on the George Bush stuff — but aligning himself so closely with the name calling with Donald Trump – I thought he lost South Carolina.”

“I wouldn’t vote for Jeb Bush, but I at least think he’s a decent man,” Beck said. “And I think George W. Bush — while I disagreed with the way he executed some of the things in the war — he’s an honorable man, and to take the beating that they took the other day was shameful, shameful.”

Beck was asked specifically how his own presence in South Carolina helps Ted Cruz.

“Boy, I don’t know if it does at all,” he answered. “I am a Dad and a citizen, and I believe the Constitution is in serious trouble,” he said, adding:

We’re facing the question of: Do we become a socialist nation? Do we become an authoritarian nation? And make no mistake that’s what Donald Trump means. Or do we play in the status quo from Hillary Clinton to Marco Rubio? Or do we go back and root ourselves in the Constitution. My choice is the Constitution, though whether that helps Ted Cruz or not, I don’t know. I have to do everything I can, and I would hope that every citizen in America understands the crossroads we are at and gets involved at whatever level they can get involved in.

Beck also blasted Rubio on his recent statements about the Gang of Eight bill. “Today I heard Marco Rubio come out and say that his Gang of Eight Bill – that he was just doing that, but he didn’t think it would pass. But that’s what he’s accusing and calling Ted Cruz a liar on,” Beck said. “I just don’t understand the game. This is why 80% of Americans are tired of this. 80% of Americans say that the system is corrupt, that it doesn’t work.”

Beck shared a livestream on his Facebook page of the press conference from a camera held by one of his staffers. While waiting to meet the press, he answered comments from his Facebook followers.

Reading a comment that “Cruz would be far better off without a Mormon preacher and insane BS,” Beck’s staffer joked that the comment “might be right.”

Beck nodded, “Probably,” and added, “I’d like to welcome Donald Trump to defeat.”

As he entered the press conference moments later, Beck told his staffer recording it, “Remember, I’m the guy who hates conflict. Watch.”

After the press conference, Beck picked up the infant grandchild of his friend David Barton of Wallbuilders. Holding the baby close, Beck walked away from the press saying to himself, “Replenish the goodness. Replenish the goodness.”

Watch the full video below:


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