Beck Completes His Fast: Calls Breitbart Executive Chairman ‘Goebbels’


On his show this morning, talk radio host Glenn Beck blasted Breitbart News’ reporting of his Facebook note about the Nevada caucus and compared Breitbart News Executive Chairman and Sirius XM radio host Stephen K. Bannon, a former Surface Warfare Officer in the U.S. Navy, to Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels.

Below is a full transcript of Beck’s remarks about Breitbart’s reporting:

When I walked in [to the caucus location], the Trump people went out of their mind. And we have it all on video tape. These women were so vile and nasty. As soon as I started to talk – [imitating their voices] “Trump! Trump! Trump! Trump!” – to the point were everybody in the room was like, “Ladies, can you please stop?” And I just said – we all have two minutes to say our peace. The precinct leader got up and said, “Hey, knock it off.” They were continuing to be vile. When the room kind of turned against them, then they started being four year olds. Then as I was talking they were like [imitating them] “Nah la la la la la la la.” It was bizarre. It was absolutely bizarre.

Now I want to give you a story. I want you to listen to this story. This is from Breitbart this morning. [Reading from Breitbart’s article]: “Talk radio host Glenn Beck, who was in Nevada campaigning on behalf of Sen. Ted Cruz at the caucus, denounced Donald Trump’s supporters as ‘brown shirts’” – I stand by that. Is there anybody here that saw what I saw last night? We all agree. Brownshirts. [Continuing to read] “After the GOP frontrunner” – now listen to this, this is Breitbart – “Glenn Beck denounced Donald Trump’s supporters as ‘brown shirts’ after the GOP frontrunner upstaged Beck by making an impromptu appearance at the same caucus venue he was speaking at.” That’s not why I said they were Brownshirts. Donald Trump has a right to be there and speak. He came in, and there was no way he could have planned it. I went in to the big room, and I was speaking to the three precincts. Mrs. Carson just finished her speech. I got up – by the way, Mrs. Carson is a delightful person. We had a great conversation. We had great conservations with many Rubio people. We’re all humans to each other. We’re all Americans to each other. We just happen to disagree. Ah, not with the Trump people.

So, I’m giving my speech. Halfway through, the room starts just to turn and everybody in the room runs to the door, and I’m like, “Is there a fire?” No, there’s Donald Trump. I finished my speech. And I’m fine with it. That is exactly what – you know, he didn’t plan that, and he had a right to speak. So, I’m fine with that. But listen to Breitbart. [Reading again] “Beck took to Facebook to protest the behavior of Trump supporters, describing them as ‘some of the nastiest people I have ever been with.’” I stand by that. [Reading again] “We have their hate and rage on tape … Others around them were embarrassed for them. It was scary and sad.” Now listen to this, this is all in quotation marks. “All the candidates have someone speak for them at the caucus.” – still quoting me – “In the middle of my speech Trump walked in.” That is not why I said – first of all, I didn’t write that. I didn’t write that it was because – that he was nasty.

[Reading again] “Beck compared Trump’s supporters to Hitler’s notorious paramilitary group known as the ‘Brownshirts.’ ‘I believe Trump, whether he knows it or not, is grooming brown shirts,’ Beck said. ‘Don’t believe me, go to a caucus.’” So, I never said it was about Donald Trump walking in in the middle of my speech. This is by Breitbart, and I want to tell you something.

Bannon – I don’t know his first name – “Bruce” Bannon – I don’t know who the hell he is. But he is a guy who is currently running Breitbart, and if you don’t believe me on these things, ask some people that work at Breitbart. He’s a horrible, despicable human being. Ask Dana Loesch about this Bannon guy. Um, he’s running Breitbart. And Andrew Breitbart would be spinning in his grave right now.

I’m telling you that I believe that Bannon thinks he’s either going to be the chief of staff or he’s going to be the next Roger Ailes. And let me tell you something, Bannon whatever your first name is. Um, you’re not going to be the next Roger Ailes. There is not going to be another Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes is a freak of nature. He is one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met in my life and built over a long career a real empire, and nobody is ever going to replace Roger Ailes. It’s certainly not going to be you.

But he thinks that he can be – by getting in with Donald Trump –he can either be chief of staff or he can be the next Roger Ailes. Roger Ailes also didn’t do something else. Roger Ailes cut his own path. Roger Ailes didn’t answer to anybody. He certainly didn’t take orders from a real estate developer. He certainly didn’t take orders from a guy who builds golf courses. That’s a little beneath Roger Ailes. What that makes you is not Roger Ailes. By taking orders from a political candidate and reworking your entire site to promote the lies of a specific candidate without any kind of truth behind these things, and just spinning all of–doing what you’ve done to Breitbart and anybody who reads Breitbart knows exactly what’s going on. If that is what your idea of being Roger Ailes is, you are so sadly mistaken. That doesn’t make you Roger Ailes. That makes you Goebbels. So, let’s leave it at that.

Listen to the audio of this segment above.

Earlier in his show, Beck stated:

There is a storm coming of biblical proportions, a storm coming beyond your recognition. When the economy collapses, when our currency is worth toilet paper, who do you want, who do you want handling our nation? You want somebody who has divide us, who is grooming Brownshirts? I was at the caucus last night. I had never seen anything like it. These Trump supporters were beyond recognition as anything I’ve ever seen — rude, vile, nasty. I don’t want to say all of them. But there’s enough of them. And the ones that I met that were nice, I don’t how you can stand in the same room with them. I don’t know if you look — how do you look at those people and say, “Wait a minute. That’s what my guy is encouraging.”

Beck, who had opened this segment of his show by listing a series of his past predictions that have come true, asked, “Why is a man given a voice? Why is a man given a vision of what is to come if he can’t do a damn thing about it?”

He continued:

As I wondered what to say to you this morning, and I still don’t know, all that went through my head over and over again — and I know what this means for my business, and I know what this means for my friends, and I know what this means for my family. Because Dana Loesch is going to the FBI because she’s getting death threats. I know another very famous media reporter that is also on the highest level of security because of the death threats that’s coming in on them. I know what all of this means. Just in your business, I know what it means. In your popularity, I know what it means. But all I heard this morning was, “Silence in the face of evil is evil itself.”


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