Watch: Actor Andy Serkis Likens Trump to a Planet-Threatening Monster

Sunday at the 2016 Oscars, while presenting the award for Best Visual Effects to “Ex Machina,” actor and performance capture artist Andy Serkis compared Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump to a “planet-threatening monster.”

Serkis said, “Thank you. Thank you. The most important thing to know about visual effects is that no matter how revolutionary or sophisticated the technology we use is, it still takes beating hearts and minds of human beings to make movie magic. As film makers and as actors in the 21st century, we can create any world we want. We can play anything we want. Chris, if you were to put on a motion capture suit right now, you could play a planet threatening monster, to Donald Trump and — actually, that’s not very diverse, but anyway. Having had the honor of working with many of the greatest, I have a real special appreciation for the men and women that dedicate themselves and find the delicate balance between illusion and flesh and blood.”

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