Davi: The Long Con–Rubio, Kristol, and the Destruction of the American People


My Dear Fellow Americans, I have wondered for years what is happening to our country. It seems both parties are not speaking to the issues eroding America’s Sovereignty.  

With the current revelations about Marco Rubio and the “Gang of Eight” doing the biding of Globalists, it now becomes clearer to me what has been happening. America is being bamboozled” by both parties. They will do anything to keep power. They pander to conservative or liberal values but in reality it is just a “three card monte” perpetrated on the American people to distract them from the real game being played. 

America is being sold into globalism. I am not a conspiracy theorist per se, but I must say nothing else explains what has happened to our country. Nothing else explains how both the House and Senate under GOP control has not really moved the needle. Have you ever thought why? 

With conservatives in charge of the House and Senate nothing gets done. Oh I know we get fed the usual steaming pile of horseshit, but have you ever wondered why? Why do you not hear real outrage from the GOPabout the trade deficit? We hear them scream about how the debt is 19 trillion dollars and we hear how unless the GOP gets in power it will keep going up. But why have we not heard about the effect the trade deals have on our country? Instead we hear about another trade deal, TPP .

I remember when Ross Perot was crucified by the ruling class during his bid for the presidency. So much so he withdrew. I remember he mentioned “NAFTA” and how “that great sucking sound your hearing are American jobs being taken away!”

Do any of you remember that? Well, what happened? Perot gets threatened and drops out ! He, like Trump, was telling the truth to the American people. 

The excuse was Perot was making an independent run. Well, here we have Donald Trump running as a Republican and it is the party itself that now wants to assassinate him? Do you wonder why? Do you notice not one of the candidates speak of the trade deficits except Trump? Do you wonder why Immigration has not taken such a front and center position until Trump brought it up?

I find it curious that Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and the pundits  spew forth a litmus test that determines who is conservative or not ? Is it not ok for someone to change their point of view based on the information given them? Does this not happen all the time in science/medicine and why would it not happen in politics?

There seems to be a fear to tell the truth or at least seek it. When Norma L. McCorvey changes her mind about Roe v Wade, conservatives carry her on their shoulders. Trump goes from Pro-choice to Pro-life and he is criticized by some conservatives. So who are the hypocrites? According to the smug, intellectual, pundit class of the Bill Kristols, and the parade of hypocritical conservative globalists, only Rubio or Cruz have conservative bona fides and none of us that may have a differing point of view based on new information or life experience can change it! No, we must stay steadfast!

As conservatives, “the world must remain flat!” Actually, perhaps globalism should be the new litmus test for conservative American politics. If someone is a globalist or not. 

My dear friends, the working middle class is being killed on purpose and anyone who speaks up for them will be assassinated. This is what we are seeing with Trump. It may not be a physical assassination, but the force of the establishment is now being focused on killing the voice of the people. How else can you explain the following the fact that some conservative are planning a third party run? 

Remember when the candidates were asked to take a pledge and they all raised their hands except for Trump? His honesty was apparent from the first debate. Then later with reassurance from Reince,Trump made the pledge. Well, now that the possibility of  Trump getting the nomination is real, the political class is shattering and in a panic. So much so that Bill Kristol and others are  advocating starting a third party run if Trump is the nominee.  

I thought it was conservative to want jobs coming back to America. I thought it was conservative to want the border secure and to enforce legal immigration. I thought it was conservative to want a strong military. I thought it conservative to take care of our Veterans. I thought it conservative to want education in America to be better than anywhere else in the world. I thought it conservative to protect Judeo-Christian values.

What I didn’t know was that globalism is more important to the Bill Kristol conservatives then anything else. This can be the only reason why there is such visceral rejection of a Donald Trump Presidency and the almost drug induced fervor by them for Rubio ,a proven globalist. This is the biggest fraud perpetrated on the American people .

Recently, Rubio has called Trump a con-artist, well, my dear friends, I remember when then Senator Obama said that the people were being bamboozled by Sen. John McCain. So now we have another junior Senator that is saying  the same thing the difference is it is about someone in his own party. So, you tell me who the con-artist is? I cannot begin to pretend I know what this whole game is, but what I can tell you is, it stinks.

It stinks to me to finally have a candidate who could win the presidency for the shrinking and dying GOP, but rather than rally to his support they will do anything to keep power, and control and undermine the first candidate in 40 years who can widen the tent. 

Trump, alone, is exposing the fraud perpetrated on the American people by the ruling class. They will stab themselves in the back to accomplish their globalist agenda. Whether you support Donald Trump or not, if you love America , you must agree, something is rotten in the GOP.   


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