Corey Lewandowski: Establishment Trying to Stop Trump Because if He Becomes President ‘Days of Backroom Deals Are Over’


Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski told Breitbart News Daily that the GOP establishment is desperate to stop Trump’s candidacy “because they know that if Donald Trump becomes the nominee and ultimately the president of the United States, the days of backroom deals are over.”

SiriusXM host and Breitbart Executive Chairman Stephen K. Bannon asked Lewandowski:

One of the disturbing things we’ve seen over the last 72 hours is something quite different, and something I don’t believe we’ve seen in American history, and that is: now you have the establishment of the Republican Party — the financiers, the consultant apparatus, the commentariat, whether it’s Fox News or these other conservative journals — they’re basically saying, “Hey, we don’t care if Donald Trump runs the tables on Super Tuesday, and we don’t care if he blows Marco Rubio out on March 15, we’re going to come up – there’s all kinds of presentations being made, there’s all kinds of money being raised – we’re prepared to take this and make it Stalingrad. We’re prepared to go on March 16 all the way to the convention, fight him every step of the way; and by-the-way, if somehow he’s out and we lose to Hillary Clinton because we don’t have enough time to form a campaign, so be it.” What do you have to say to that? What does Donald Trump’s campaign have to say to the fact that you’re just not running against other candidates, you’re running against a whole other entity that’s already had a throw-down and said, “Under no circumstances will we let you win this nomination, and we don’t care if we lose to the Democrats?”

Lewandowski responded:

This is the fundamental problem with the ruling class in Washington, DC – the party bosses, the K Street crowd, the lobbyists who control all these politicians. They will do anything to maintain their power. They will do anything. They will say anything. They will spend whatever it takes because they know that if Donald Trump becomes the nominee and ultimately the president of the United States, the days of backroom deals are over. He will only be responsible to the American people. And so what you have is a series of people who’ve made a very, very good living by controlling politicians through their donations and making sure they get the legislation done – or not done – in Washington, DC to best benefit their clients. And those days are coming to an end.

Lewandowski said that “the Party bosses” in “the Washington, DC establishment” are confounded “because the American people are speaking,” and “it’s no longer the days where … smoke-filled rooms are going to dictate who’s going to be the nominee.”

He added: “These guys think they can spend all the money they want to control the nomination process. The bottom line is the people have a say, and they’re turning out in record numbers” for Trump, who is “the only person in this race that is bringing new people into the party, who is bringing more people to show up and vote on election day.”

Listen to the full audio of Lewandowski’s interview below:

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