Roger Stone: If Rubio Loses Florida, ‘Abundantly Clear Mitt Romney Is Waiting In The Wings’

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla. gestures while speaking Monday, Feb. 29, 2016, in Atlanta.
AP/David Goldman

Republican campaign veteran Roger Stone tells Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon, “I have reported, and I stand by this, that a number of the billionaires who are funding Marco Rubio have told him that he has until the Florida primary on March 15th to show some leg. If he cannot win his home state primary, it will be very hard to continue to justify his campaign. At that point, I think it is abundantly clear that Mitt Romney is waiting in the wings.”

Stone continued:

Notice how Romney is suddenly tweeting all the anti-Trump tweets? So, he’s been quiet for months and now he’s suddenly carping about Trump’s tax returns. Now he’s carping about this phony story about David Duke, who Trump has no truck with whatsoever. I think Mitt gets into those late primaries … in an effort to soak up votes. The purpose here is not to defeat Trump overall. It’s just to stall him on the first ballot.

“Here’s what they say,” said Stone, when asked to describe the reaction of powerful Republicans, “we have to stall this guy short on the first ballot. We’ve got to stall him just short of the magic numbers.”

He goes on to point out that with delegates free to vote as they want after the first ballot and the establishment picking delegates in many states, such as New York for example, Trump could conceivably lose as many as 100 votes on a second ballot, opening the door for Romney, or another challenger.

More on Stone’s Breitbart News Daily interview today can be found here:

“He will be so disruptive of business-as-usual that many, many establishment Republicans in their secret hearts would rather have Hillary Clinton than Donald Trump,” Stone said. “She’s transactional. She’s a crony capitalist. If you’re a lobbyist, you can make a deal with the Clintons. It’s very simple. They worship money. Money is everything to them… You can’t buy Trump. You can’t bully Trump. And Trump, he’s a nationalist. And that scares them. He’s the only nationalist in this race.”

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