Trans, LGBT Communities Unhinged Over Bruce Jenner’s Ted Cruz Support

Caitlin Jenner, Ted Cruz AP

Transgender reality TV star and former Olympian athlete Bruce Jenner’s support for Republican presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz might have officially put him on the outs with the trans and LGBT communities.

In an interview with The Advocate on Wednesday Mar. 2, Jenner praised Cruz for being a “great constitutionalist,” and expressed interest in becoming the Texas Senator’s “trans ambassador,” should he become president.

While Jenner’s conservative political leanings have not exactly endeared him to members of the LGBT community over the past year, the statement seemingly sent fed up trans and LGBT activists over the edge.

On Thursday, a Reddit user asked, “Is Jenner a terrible trans advocate or the worst trans advocate?”

Response to the question was a resounding “yes.”

“ALL OF US are getting tired of her s—t,” replied one commenter. “It’s bad enough that she has the public eye, but to do something as stupid as support a party and candidate that have traditionally been awful to us and act as though she can be some kind of ambassador…”

The commenter concluded: “It’s absolutely sickening.”

Another wrote, “There isn’t a single candidate in this election more anti-trans than Ted Cruz,” while another person added: “Holy f—king s—t. I knew her political views were terrible and that she supports the Republicans, but apparently that’s not enough for her and she has to support the worst one of them all. I’ve rarely seen a person, not even a politician, who is so obviously f—king evil.”

Meanwhile, a self-described transwoman and Reddit user under the screen name TheLivingExperiment said “Seriously, F—k her. I gave her a lot of leeway in learning how to be an advocate and supportive of the community.” He added:

I knew it would not be overnight as she was so far removed from us and our lives. So I gave her a chance. She’s said she’s a fan of ‘traditional marriage’ …

Not anymore. Caitlyn Jenner I’m now saying ‘F—k you for saying you speak for me. You don’t, and can’t. You’ve made it very clear that you are not the one who can speak for us. You are, of course, free to hold whatever opinions you choose. However please do not say you speak for us. You don’t. Things you say and are wanting to do actively harm us and our progress towards equality. If you honestly believe Ted Cruz will do anything beneficial for trans people you seriously need to take a more critical look at him and his policies. He has, at every opportunity, derided and advocated against any LGBT progress, as well as women’s rights and other minority groups. Please stop speaking for us, while you are a trans woman like us, but you have not gone through what many of us have.’

Unhinged Twitter users also unloaded on Jenner over his Cruz comments:


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