Strategist: Ohio a Battle Between John Kasich’s ‘Machine Politics’ and Donald Trump’s Movement Enthusiasm

Washington, DC

The primary battle in Ohio is between Gov John Kasich’s traditional political machine and voter enthusiasm fueling the campaign of Donald Trump, according to Matt Palumbo, conservative marketing and fundraising strategist.

“I would look at Stark County, which is Canton… it’s been a tremendous bellwether for presidential races in the past. I would look there to see who’s winning, who’s doing well,” Palumbo told Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon on SiriusXM.

“The other thing I would look for: the word on the street is that Cruz is surging a little bit,” he added.

Palumbo cited “the tactics and process” of Kasich’s campaign, what he called “the blocking and tackling of politics, get out the vote and mobilization,” adding, “Kasich has each of the Republican county chairman on speed dial, the 88 counties in Ohio. He’s got an impressive operation. He won here twice. It’s definitely formidable.” He also said it may rival what Cruz had in Texas.

“On the flip side, you’ve got the raw human emotion, momentum and enthusiasm of Donald Trump,” said Palumbo.

“If Trump pulls it out, it’s going to be those voters,” he said, citing Democrats and Independents potentially caught up in what Trump himself calls a political movement represented by his campaign. “These rallies have been huge. You can see they think they have a chance today… It’s nontraditional but everything about this race has been nontraditional,” Palumbo concluded.

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