Donald Trump Victory Speech: We’re Going to Protect the 2nd Amendment

Trump Mimes Holding Rifle AP, John Locher
AP/John Locher

After Tuesday night wins in Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois, Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump ascended the podium and said the American people want borders, they want the military rebuilt, and they want the Second Amendment protected.

Trump said his plan has always been to do these things, and he gave special attention to his determination to protect the Second Amendment.

Trump said the American people “want the Second Amendment protected, and they want it protected strongly, and that’s going to happen.”

He then revisited the early months of his run for the Republican nomination and talked of how his campaign found its voice in the disarray and trepidation Americans felt in the wake of the November 13 Paris terror attack and the December 2 San Bernardino terror attack. In Paris, 130 innocents were gunned down in cold blood, and in San Bernardino, 14 defenseless persons were killed in the same fashion.

Trump said he emerged from those attacks talking about the fact that “We need protection in our country,” and the poll numbers for his candidacy shot up and have yet to come down.

On March 7, Breitbart News published an exclusive interview with Donald Trump Jr. in which he summed up these things by pointing to his father’s commitment to the Second Amendment and his support for an armed citizenry. Don Jr. said:

If you recall San Bernardino, if you recall Paris, [my father’s] the only one of these pro-Second Amendment candidates that said the next day–when things were still a little bit sensitive, when things were still understandably a little bit touchy–he was the only to say, “Hey, California, France, toughest gun laws in the world, if there were bullets going the other way maybe this would be a game changer. Maybe something different would happen.” What kind of a outcomes do you expect when you’re essentially setting up a system where it’s fish in a barrel because we know these gun laws only affect people who are actually willing to play by the rules? They do not affect people who are willing to kill people for their ideology.

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at


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