Watch: Breitbart’s Adelle Nazarian Responds to Hillary Clinton’s Libya ‘Gaffe’

Breitbart’s Adelle Nazarian took aim at Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton’s “gaffe” about not losing a single American life in Libya during her time serving as served as Secretary of State.

Nazarian appeared was on local Los Angeles Fox News affiliate KTTV on Tuesday discussing the Super Tuesday primaries. Republican and Democratic presidential front-runners Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton swept the majority of votes with major victories.

During her appearance, Nazarian and her co-guest Jonathan Thomas were asked to react to “lighter” news regarding a funny clip from a radio interview on the “Jonathan Brandmeier Show” in which Trump was asked if he would “release Richard Simmons from his hostage situation.” Trump said, “We have to get him out.”

An article published in The New York Daily News suggested Simmons was being held hostage by his housekeeper in his mansion. A report the fitness guru later denied.

Nazarian responded that the soundbite suggested it shows that Trump has “empathy.” She then drew attention to a recent “gaffe” Clinton had made regarding her time as secretary of state.

“And if people are willing to forgive Hillary Clinton’s husband’s transgressions regarding all the women and also Libya, where she came out and said that not one American died in Libya while she was secretary of state, then I’m sure they’ll have no problem forgiving other candidates for their gaffes,” she said.

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