Davi: Hugs Won’t Rebuild America

REUTERS/Rick Wilking

My Dear Fellow Americans:

I need a hug. Will someone give me a hug? I am upset about the genocide of Christians by the Islamic State.

Please hug me.

I am upset by the beheadings of Christians, the castration of women, young girls being sold into slavery, gays being killed, and Jews being killed.

Please hug me.

I am upset that moderate, peace-loving Muslims are being killed by both radical Islamists and the raging wars they cause.

Please hug me.

I am upset that for the last 30 years, I’ve watched as the middle class has been decimated by failed economic policies of the left and right.

Please hug me.

I am upset the GOP has been ineffectual in their leadership; I am upset that each year we hear speeches and yet the message spoken is as stale as a piece of rotten dog food. I am upset that the political platforms being sold by both parties have slowly dismantled America.

Please hug me.

I am upset that we have an immigration policy that has been put in place not for America’s interests but that of globalists. I am upset because of the fraud, waste, corruption, and cronyism in our government. I am upset because elitists, the establishment, pundits, and media do not want the political process to be fair. I am upset because they distort, lie, plot, and are an Army of Judases.

Please hug me.

I am upset because those that define themselves as being the most principled are in reality the most hypocritical and dishonest. I am upset that the last few years cries of racism and enforcement of political correctness have become strategies to tear us apart and staple our mouths shut. I am upset that the effeminization of men has led to the demonization of women.

Please hug me.

I am upset that, for years, no one has fought for the celebration of Christmas in the public square, yet many rant how everyone’s religious freedom except is protected, except for Christians’ and Jews’. I am upset that instead of letting the political process take its natural course, we see the mafia of the political class converge on Donald Trump and use any means necessary to assassinate him.

Please hug me.

I am upset that both the left and right are now in open collusion to thwart the will of the people and America.

Please hug me.

I am upset that there are funded and organized protests designed to attack and shut down Donald Trump. I am upset about the divisiveness in our country that has been buried and quietly building for years. I am upset about the disrespect for law enforcement and the killing of the innocent. I am upset about the tax code. I am upset about an educational system that gets its agenda from the likes of Bill Ayers. I am upset about the lack of clarity in a foreign policy that has made our country weak and on the road to decay.

Please hug me.

Hug me and again HUG me.


My dear friends, recently when a Trump supporter who was a guest on Glenn Beck’s show was expressing her fear and concern for the country, Glenn had her get up out of her seat and walk over to him. He then asked the entire audience to stand as well. While offering her his commiseration and saying that he believes a GREAT DEPRESSION is looming, he asked all to give her a HUG.

He went on then to say that as long as we stand together and take care of each other, we don’t need a “Strong Man” as leader. Now , I understand Beck’s sentiment, and it is admirable, but we are facing, as he said, “a looming Great Depression.” We have terrorism, corruption, and a brewing revolution that was going to take place — in spite of Donald Trump! And Beck offers HUGS.

When the enemy has a knife at your throat, the last thing you need is a HUG. When you can’t get a job and put food on your table, you don’t need a hug. When you see the systematic flooding of illegal immigrants that do not assimilate and are indoctrinated into socialism, hugs are not needed. I mean, hugs are great at a wake or in romance or at church. However, when you are gasping for breath, you do not need a hug; you need air, you need action.

America is at a major crossroads. We don’t need a hug; we need a strong leader who can put America on the right course. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but how is this for a crazy thought: what if there is a coalition between the right and left to maintain the march toward globalism. How would this be done? It seems that the GOP finally has a candidate that can win a general election, someone who can bring a bigger tent to the party — and yet they have been cannibalizing him.

The shills in the media all have alliances to both sides, and they continually fan the flames of trying to define who Trump is. So what they do is now try and pin all the unrest on Trump. The protesters have been around way before Trump, but the media would have you think it is not so.

Friends, Rome has burned down. We do not need HUGS. We need someone who can rebuild our nation.


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