Obama Tweets ‘¿Que bolá?’ Greeting To Cubans But Only Five Percent Have Internet

First lady Michelle Obama, President Barack Obama, Malia Obama and Sasha Obama arrive at Jose Marti International Airport for a 48-hour visit on Airforce One March 20, 2016 in Havana, Cuba.
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

“¿Que bolá Cuba?” President Obama tweeted from his personal Twitter account this morning. “Just touched down here, looking forward to meeting and hearing directly from the Cuban people.”

But the president shouldn’t expect to hear to much response from the Cuban people on Twitter. Only about five percent of Cubans even have access to the internet, let alone access to the popular social media service. The Cuban government puts heavy restrictions on the websites available to users in Cuba and blocks access to Twitter in many places in the country.

Instead, the Cuban people will learn about Obama’s visit from state directed propaganda fed to them by government approved media outlets. The only independent news outlet on the island, 14ymedio, has been blocked, according to a New York Times reporter covering the visit in Cuba.

Obama will deliver a speech on Tuesday at the Grand Theater of Havana, which the Cuban government has agreed to air live, according to government officials.