Raul Castro Lifts Obama’s Arm for Awkward Salute After Press Conference

Cuban President Raul Castro, right, lifts up the arm of President Barack Obama at the conclusion of their joint news conference at the Palace of the Revolution, Monday, March 21, 2016, in Havana, Cuba.
AP Photo/Ramon Espinosa

After a joint press conference with President Obama in Cuba, Raul Castro shook hands with the United States leader and tried to lift the arm of the president in a triumphant salute.

But Obama’s hand and wrist went limp as Castro lifted it up, making for an awkward exchange at the end of their historic press conference.

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At one point during the press conference, Castro interrupted Obama’s answer to a multi-party question, apparently confused about who was expected to answer.

“Excuse me,” Obama said, winking to the cameras as he looked over at Castro.

Castro agreed to answer a question from one reporter, CNN’s Jim Acosta, but Obama urged him to answer a question from MSNBC reporter Andrea Mitchell as well, calling her ‘one of our most esteemed journalists in America.’”


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