Kevin Kearns: Western Leadership is ‘Living in the Past’

AP Photo/Geert Vanden Wijngaert
Washington, DC

Kevin Kearns, the president of the U.S. Business & Industry Council, tells Breitbart News Daily host Stephen K. Bannon about his recent article, “Terror, Trump, Trade and NATO,” penned in the wake of the recent terror attack in Brussels.

Just prior to the Brussels terror attack, Donald Trump questioned the value of the NATO alliance and the cost of U.S. participation.

He clarified his remarks, saying he didn’t want to withdraw from the alliance but was troubled by the cost of U.S. involvement—especially considering our burgeoning national debt of $19 trillion. The debt has roughly doubled since the beginning of the Obama administration, and is completely unsustainable at its current rate of growth.

Trump’s position was immediately attacked by Ted “carpet bomb ‘em” Cruz and condemned by foreign and security policy experts, some of whom brought us the debacles of the Iraq/Afghanistan War, Libya, etc. — the modern “make-the-world-safe-for-democracy,” nation-building, permanent-war, expert-for-hire crowd. These folks earn a living as national security sherpas, inhabiting the nation’s think tanks, defense contractors, and consultancies.

Kearns agreed with host Bannon in that it appears as if the Judeo-Christian west has lost the will to survive.

“I certainly think the West has, all our leaders and policy experts, at least most of them, … they’re living in the past. They’re living in some kind of bubble, where they think this is 1947 and we’re setting up NATO and the GATT and we’re containing Soviet Communism,” said Kearns.

He went on to tie our current economic and foreign policy positions together and discuss how they are weakening, not strengthening America across the world today.

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