Liz Mair: People Can Blame Me for Incendiary Melania Ad ‘The Fact Is it Worked’


Lindsey Ellefson writes at Mediaite:

It was the ad that launched a thousand blog posts.

Liz Mair of Make America Awesome appeared on CNN Tonight to talk to Don Lemon about the infamous ad featuring Melania Trump that spurred Donald Trump into attacking Heidi Cruz.

Trump blamed Cruz for the initial attack on his wife in spite of the fact that it was done by the Make America Awesome superPAC. Mair responded to that by telling Lemon, “The truth is it’s me.  It’s just me.”

When asked if Cruz had any involvement in the ad, she said this:

I — absolutely not.  Of course he didn’t.  I mean next thing Donald Trump is going to be out there claiming that it was like the Illuminati or something and that will be just as equally plausible as what he’s claiming here.  No, it’s totally bogus. People can blame me if they don’t like the ad.  The fact is, the ad worked. The ad did exactly what we intended it to do and it’s done far more than that. The reality is that part of the reason that Donald Trump is tanking right now is because he’s bothered spending a week and a half getting pissed off and acting like a toddler having a major meltdown over this ad.

You can watch the video and read the rest of the story here


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