Roger Stone: Kasich Strategist Charlie Black Admitted Effort to Steal Nomination from Trump at Convention

Win McNamee/Getty Images
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Citing the anticipated effort by the Republican establishment to steal the nomination away from frontrunner Donald Trump at the Cleveland GOP convention, Trump ally Roger Stone told Breitbart News Saturday host Matthew Boyle, “There’s all kinds of games that the establishment and the kingmakers can play.”

Stone went on:

Remember, Ben Ginsberg and the Bush/Romney types are the masters of this kind of deceit. This kind of bait and switch. They did it to Ron Paul and they’re fixing to do it to Donald Trump. A strategist very high up in the Kasich campaign, somebody who I may have been in business with as a partner at one time actually bragged to a journalist who you know, Matt, just the other night, saying, ‘I think this nomination can be stolen from Trump and I’m fixin’ to steal it.

The Kasich strategist is believed to be long-time GOP operative and strategist Charlie Black.

Continued Stone, ” The lobbyist class, the Washington, DC/Wall Street combine, they will never acquiesce to the nomination of Trump. Whether he has 1,237 votes, or not, they will attempt to hijack this nomination and only mass demonstrations and adept maneuvering inside the hall are going to prevent this.

Stone has launched “StopTheSteal,” an effort to create a groundswell of support to go to Cleveland and prevent the GOP from doing that very thing. From Newsmax:

Roger Stone to Trump Voters: Come to Cleveland to Stop ‘The Big Steal’

Former Donald Trump campaign manager Roger Stone is urging supporters to rally at the Republican National Committee convention in July to stop “the big steal” of Trump’s presidential nomination.

In remarks on The Alex Jones Radio Show, the former Trump ally called for a “massive protest” at the gathering in Cleveland July 18 to 21

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