BLACKLASH: Social Media Users At War with Bill Clinton Over Clash with Black Lives Matter

Former President Bill Clinton speaks as he campaigns for his wife, Democratic presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton, at the Ohio Education Association, Wednesday, March 9, 2016, in Columbus, Ohio.
AP Photo/John Minchillo

Social media users are firing back at former President Bill Clinton, attacking him and his wife Hillary, a Democrat presidential candidate. In fact, Bill Clinton became the number one trending topic in the United States for a time on Twitter.

A look at comments from both high profile white media liberals and black activists shows that Bill Clinton has crossed an unwritten line in Democratic politics, having the audacity to disagree with loud, angry people who would rather lecture than listen. Clinton, who said several times that he “loves protesters,” was attempting to defend his wife against a month-long barrage of accusations criticizing her for calling violent black sociopaths “super – predators” in the early 1990s.

The comments on Twitter hint this is about the left’s obsessive need to control and shape opinion by shutting down and shaming people who say things that are politically incorrect, even, in this case, when spoken by a Democrat icon.

This is how Black Lives Matter members have become super-predators against free speech.

Multimedia journalist Donovan X. Ramsey, who has written for MSNBC, Ebony, and TheGrio, called the ex-president’s comments “gross” and expressed the view that many black liberals tolerated the Clintons because they viewed them as “good white folks.” Ramsey even went as far as using scare quotes to attempt to ridicule the idea that there is any such thing as black on black crime.

Ramsey’s article at Gawker is entitled Police Reform Is Impossible in America and argues that America is so racist that the police are beyond redemption.

MSNBC host Chris Hayes called Clinton’s comments “twisted” and influential Democrat new site Talking Points Memo founder Josh Marshall was not amused.

Several people bought up comments previously made by Socialist Professor Michelle Alexander, who is the author of the highly influential book Mass Incarceration: The New Jim Crow and the intellectual leader of the current left-wing push to end “mass incarceration.” Alexander, one of the new radicals attempting to replace the older generation of black thought leaders, wrote a widely-read article in The Nation in February critical of the Clintons.

Alexander has endorsed Hillary Clinton’s Democratic rival, avowed democratic socialist Senator Bernie Sanders.

As Breitbart News has detailed, the mass incarceration movement is a Trojan horse whose real goal is to fulfill the Black Panther Party’s 50-year-old call to release every single black person from jail or prison. Radical black liberation activist all believe that all black people are “political prisoners.”

The irony is that Clinton and his wife Hillary helped enable this new generation of black activists. Bill and Hillary Clinton are 1960s radicals who followed the Saul Alinsky strategy of cleaning up and working inside the system in order to deliver political change. Now, the radical left is rising up against the Clintons as “incrementalists” and demanding the same revolutionary change that the Clintons themselves wanted five decades ago.

For his sin of speaking truth to black people, Bill Clinton needs to be sent back to the reeducation camps… and when he gets there, he’s going to see a lot of familiar faces.

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