Ted Cruz Sweeps Colorado

Cruz Victory Colorado

Ted Cruz wrapped up the remaining 13 Colorado delegates on Saturday at the state Republican Party convention, winning every pledged Republican delegate from Colorado to the Republican National Convention.

The Cruz campaign distributed a list of 16 preferred delegates to those voting at the state convention. Once the votes were counted the 13 delegates elected Saturday were all Cruz-pledge delegates also listed on the Cruz slate. This brings the total of Cruz-pledged delegates from Colorado to 30 with an additional four unpledged delegates slated to vote for Cruz but not required to do so.

Upon announcement of the results, Cruz responded:

Today was another resounding victory for conservatives, Republicans, and Americans who care about the future of our country. Utah, North Dakota, Wisconsin, and tonight’s incredible results in Colorado have proven this: Republicans are uniting behind our campaign because they want a leader with real solutions who will bring back jobs, freedom, and security.

This election is about the hope that our children can still have a more promising landscape of opportunity than generations past. It’s about bringing together Americans from all backgrounds who know that we will be stronger, more prosperous, and infinitely more free if we return power in Washington back to the people. So that Americans are free to create better jobs, live and worship freely, and once again proudly defend ‘the last best hope of earth.

Thank you, Colorado, and we ask moms and dads, students and retirees across this country to join us so that together we make this election a turning point for the nation.

Donald Trump campaign senior advisor Alan Cobb told Breitbart News, “The results were a little better than we expected with seven of the alternates for Trump vs six for Cruz and zero for Kasich.”

During his speech to attendees, Cruz referenced Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, “Ya know it’s easy to talk about making America Great Again. You can even print that on a baseball cap. But the real question is, do you understand the principles and values that made America great in the first place?” The phrase was first made popular by President Ronald Reagan.

Cruz pledged to not compromise on religious liberty or second amendment rights and received resounding applause.

Some attendees wore t-shirts displaying the Cruz slate of delegates:

The bright orange t-shirts could be seen on a line of participants standing behind Cruz during his convention speech.

“There’s no prizes for subtlety in politics,” said Cruz of the t-shirts. At first Cruz said the orange was chosen to be easily noticed, but once someone suggested it is a Broncos team color Cruz joked, “Okay that was exactly why we did it, for the Broncos, I apologize for momentarily forgetting.”

The Cruz speech relayed his “Jobs, Freedom, Security,” talking points that have echoed along the Cruz campaign trail. “The heart of our economy is small businesses all across the United States of America.”

Cruz received resounding cheers as he closed out his speech.

Neither Donald Trump nor Ohio Gov. John Kasich appeared at the Saturday convention. Instead Stephen Miller, senior policy advisor to the Trump campaign, spoke on his candidate’s behalf. Appearing for Kasich was former Sen. John Sununu.

Just before Miller and Sununu spoke, and after Cruz, the audience was strictly instructed to provide “time, attention, and respect” for the two presidential candidate surrogates. The Colorado GOP posted video of the day’s speeches.

Cruz picked up 17 Cruz-pledged delegates in seven congressional district assemblies held in the past week. The remaining four unpledged delegates elected were slated to vote for Cruz. Colorado Republican Party Chairman Steve House, RNC National Committeewoman Lilly Nuñez, and RNC National Committeeman George Leing make up the remaining three of 37 Colorado delegates who will vote for the Republican presidential nominee at the July Republican National Convention.

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