Trump Hires Top Aide From Sen. Sessions’ Office

miller & sessions

Donald Trump has hired one of Sen. Jeff Sessions’ top aides to help guide his presidential campaign, according to the Washington Post.

Stephen Miller, a trusted aide to Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama, will join Donald Trump’s presidential campaign on Wednesday, serving as a senior policy adviser to the Republican front-runner…

The hiring of Miller is the latest sign that Trump’s tight-knit campaign team is expanding as he continues to lead GOP polls and planning to release more policies in the coming weeks as the primary race unfolds.

It also underscores Trump’s increasingly cozy relationship with Sessions, a prominent immigration hard-liner in Congress who has yet to endorse a candidate.

Miller has worked closely with Sessions on immigration policy, especially in 2013 when Sessions played a leading role in blocking the “Gang of Eight” immigration-expansion bill that was pushed by Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer, Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham and Republican Sen. Marco Rubio.  His expertise contributed to the Trump campaign when Trump’s first policy paper embraced pro-American immigration reforms long championed by Sessions.

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