Human Rights Group Decries ‘Gendercide,’ 200 Million Girls Killed by Sex-Selective Abortions


The real “war on women” takes place on the battlefield where abortion clinics target baby girls for elimination, according to congressional testimony from Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, a human-rights group.

“Sex-selective abortion is the ultimate violence against females,” Reggie Littlejohn, President of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, told Breitbart News. “Aborting a baby just because she is a girl is the ultimate act of gender discrimination.”

On Thursday, April 14, a congressional hearing is being held before the House Judiciary Committee to debate the Prenatal Nondiscrimination Act (PRENDA) of 2016, a bill aimed at reducing gender-based abortion in America. The bill is being opposed by abortion-giant Planned Parenthood, NARAL and other abortion-rights groups.

The United Nations estimates that some 200 million women are “demographically missing” in the world today due to sex-selective abortion. This number is greater than all the casualties of all the wars of the twentieth century combined.

According to Littlejohn, this is the real “war on women,” despite the fact that it is ignored by many groups supposedly interested in women’s rights, and constitutes “gendercide.”

In China, there are some 37 million marriage-age men without a female counterpart, due to systematic, sex-selective abortions, Littlejohn pointed out. In India, the number is about the same. The growing gender disparity has had a notable effect on human trafficking and sexual slavery as well.

Predictably, the Huffington Post is on record as defending sex-selective abortion and opposing PRENDA, contending that Asian-American women would be unfairly subjected to greater scrutiny than Caucasian women, due to the prevalence of sex-selective abortion in many Asian cultures.

In her HuffPo essay, Miriam W. Yeung, an abortion-rights advocate who described herself as “a proud queer Asian American immigrant woman activist,” discounted the importance of sex-selective abortions, saying that legislative efforts to limit gender-based abortion constitute an “attempt to distract from the real issues at hand.”

Though Ms. Yeung may consider the targeting of baby girls for elimination to be a non-issue, her opinion is far from universal. A 2015 report from Geneva on global violence against women called sex-selective abortion “one of the most shocking crimes against humanity.”

Yeung, who is executive director of the National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum, is among those called to witness at the Congressional hearing Thursday.

Although the problem of sex-selective abortions is most evident in nations like China and India, it is a significant issue in the United States as well.

A 2011 study by Dr. Sunita Puri of the University of California at San Francisco found that 89 percent of immigrant Indian women who became pregnant with girls during the study period had abortions. None, however, who were pregnant with boys aborted them.  The participants identified influence from their husbands and mothers-in-law as “sources of significant pressure” to abort their children, once it was learned they were girls.

Curiously, using ultrasound and sperm-sorting technologies explicitly for sex selection is illegal in India, whereas this is legal in the United States.

This is the sort of atrocity PRENDA seeks to abolish.

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