Radicals Dressed as Black Panthers Accost White Man at Portland State University

AP Photo/Matt York
AP Photo/Matt York

As Breitbart News exclusively reported hours before it occurred, radicals at Oregon’s Portland State University aggressively went after students supporting Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump at a planned rally on Saturday afternoon.

However, video released by YouTube channel Laughing at Liberals shows that the anti-free speech rally was even angrier and more chaotic than expected.

After an attack the week prior, where the leftist students and faculty shut down a peaceful indoor meeting to discuss Donald Trump, pro-Trump students were more prepared for the onslaught of socialist, Black Lives Matter radicals and came armed with cameras to record the attempted shutdown.

As a video shows, however, the anti-Trump forces were just as aggressive as they were in their shutdown of the Portland State University event the week prior.

One alarming new twist was the appearance of at least two aggressive young men dressed in full Black Panther regalia, including berets and Black Panther pins, who verbally accosted an older white man who was debating a black female student organizer.

Sources at Portland State University were not aware of the identity of the men dressed as Black Panthers.


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