KY Man Violates Protective Order, Dies from Shotgun Blast to Chest

Dennis van Zuijlekom / Flickr

A man in Stanton, Kentucky, violated a protective order to confront his former girlfriend and died from a shotgun blast to the chest.

According to WKYT, Kentucky State Police say 32-year-old “Steven Strange confronted 32-year-old Melissa Roberts inside her Stanton home.” Roberts responded by shooting Strange in the chest with a 12-gauge shotgun.

Strange was pronounced dead at the scene.

Powell County Sheriff’s Deputies indicated “Roberts had an Emergency Protective Order against Strange at the time of the shooting.” The deputies said they had been called to the home “several times before” to intervene in “a relationship that was pretty tumultuous.”

After shooting Strange, Roberts called 911 and said, “I’m panicking. … I just killed the man I love.” One of Roberts’ friends, who wishes to remain anonymous, said, “She’s not doing good mentally. She’s just devastated. She said the only thing she wanted to do was shoot him in the leg to let him know she’s done with being abused.”

Roberts faces no charges for the shooting.

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