Alliance Over: Carly Calls for Kasich to ‘Get Out of Race’

AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill

Ted Cruz’s vice presidential pick Carly Fiorina is calling for John Kasich to exit the Republican nomination race following a supposed alliance made between the Cruz and Kasich campaigns in which they would focus on competing against frontrunner Donald Trump in the Indiana, Oregon, and New Mexico primaries.

Fiorina told conservative host Mark Levin Wednesday that Kasich – not Cruz – should get out of the race:

There is somebody in this race who oughtta get out – his name is John Kasich. Ted Cruz can and will win this nomination. Donald Trump, as I said, the very week he announced his candidacy, in June of 2015, Donald Trump does not represent me, does not represent my Party, and the majority of Republicans agree with me. And so that’s why Ted Cruz and I are going to go fight this fight for the soul of our Party and for the future of our nation.

The Cruz and Kasich campaigns had supposedly made an agreement that Cruz would compete against Trump in Tuesday’s Indiana primary, while Kasich would compete against him in the Oregon primary on May 17 and the New Mexico primary on June 7.

The Kasich campaign said it would “pass” on Breitbart News’s requests for comment on the status of the supposed alliance. The Cruz campaign did not respond.

However, the Washington Post’s Sean Sullivan tweeted:

The Kasich campaign’s chief strategist John Weaver tweeted the following, but the Kasich campaign did not respond to Breitbart News’s attempt to clarify whether the reference was to Cruz or the supposed alliance.


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