Cruz Campaign Selling ‘Cruz-Fiorina Gear’


The Ted Cruz campaign has rolled out a new line of “Cruz-Fiorina” gear after Cruz announced his running mate in the event that he comes from behind and wins the Republican nomination on a second ballot in Cleveland.

The first round of gear from the Cruz-Fiorina campaign includes tee-shirts, yard signs, buttons and stickers. Supporters were first alerted to the campaign gear in a fundraising email early Thursday.

Cruz is mathematically eliminated from winning a majority of pledged delegates on the first ballot. But he is angling to place enough of his supporters on delegate slates that he can overthrow Trump on a second ballot. Cruz recently teamed up in a short-lived alliance with John Kasich and also announced his running mate early. Fiorina has been a Cruz supporter for some time, and she recently re-started her super PAC in an apparent bid to campaign for the vice presidency. Trump and Fiorina rarely got along during the Republican primaries, with Fiorina hitting Trump in a debate for allegedly making sexist remarks about her face.

Such a move — picking a running mate during the primary — has not been seen since Ronald Reagan’s disastrous pick of Pennsylvania senator Richard Schweicker in his failed 1976 attempt to defeat Gerald Ford.

Cruz and Fiorina are currently campaigning in Indiana, while Trump tours the state with legendary coach Bobby Knight. Trump leads Cruz in the three latest polls out of Indiana.

As Breitbart News has extensively reported, the Cruz campaign is actively working to engineer delegate-election results in places like Georgia. In Mississippi and elsewhere, John Kasich is using his connections to fight Cruz for a better second ballot score.


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