Rep. Darrell Issa Endorses Donald Trump For President

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Joshua Roberts/Reuters

California political insider James Lacey announced Thursday on Varney & Company that former House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Darrell Issa has endorsed Donald Trump for President.

Trump California political director Tim Clark confirmed to Breitbart News that Issa has endorsed Trump.

Lacy made the first announcement of Issa’s endorsement near the end of his appearance on Varney’s program:

Issa advocated for Sen. Marco Rubio before the Florida senator dropped out of the presidential race. He was seen at a South Carolina campaign event for Sen. Ted Cruz months ago while in the area to stump for Rubio. In mid-March Issa suggested that Rubio stay in the race even if he lost in his home state, pushing for a contested convention. Rubio indeed lost Florida and subsequently left the race.

In February Issa suggested that Trump could be a repeat of former Rep. Todd Akin. Akin lost his bid for re-election after a gaffe about rape was blasted out in media reports. Akin had faced two challengers in the Republican primary, including Sarah Palin-backed Sarah Steelman, but Akin won the Republican Senate nomination just a week and a half before the infamous statement.

Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill tried to compare Trump to Akin last July with a false story about Trump and his ex-wife. Former 2016 presidential candidate Jeb Bush had his own run-in with a comment that Hillary Clinton seized on in an effort to advance the Democrat-created War on Women narrative.

House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan hit the airwaves Thursday to let the country know that he would not be supporting Trump at this time.

Trump became the Republican Party’s presumptive nominee after his closest competitor, Sen. Ted Cruz, dropped out of the race on Tuesday night. Cruz lost the Indiana primary election to Trump, leading the Texas senator to leave the race. Ohio Gov. John Kasich followed Cruz’s lead and dropped out the next day.

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