Rep. Louie Gohmert: If Trump Apologizes I’ll Come on Board


Ted Cruz for President supporter Rep. Louie Gohmert said that if Donald Trump apologizes for “accusing the most honorable guy in the race of all kinds of dishonesty,” then he will come on board and support the now presumptive Republican Party nominee.

On Fox Business, host Stuart Varney asked Gohmert if he would adopt the call for unity and back Trump.

Gohmert agreed that he was on board with the call for unity, but was holding off on backing Trump.

“Yes I have adopted a call to unity, but the way to unity after you had Donald Trump lie repeatedly, and I mean heavens to betsy, accusing the most honorable guy in the race of all kinds of dishonesty. No. But and then yesterday, to finally win he goes after his father, says he helped Lee Harvey Oswald. I mean there’s an apology out. I mean he besmirched Carly.”

“As a Christian, Stewart, if he apologizes, then yes, I will forgive him and come on board.”

In the months leading up to Cruz’s departure from the race for the Republican nomination for President, Gohmert had said he planned to support Trump as the nominee if that is who voters chose. In recent weeks he expressed a waning ability to support Trump if Cruz left the race due to Trump’s accusations against Cruz.

Gohmert made mention of a commercial that quotes Trump: “He’s shown no capacity to understand the religious liberty issue. but I had no fear of losing the House until I saw this weekend the commercial against Sen. John Boozman in Arkansas. They run quote after quote from Donald Trump’s mouth,” said Gohmert. The ad for Boozman opponent Connor Eldridge takes comments from Trump relating to women and connects them to Boozman. Boozman is quoted in the ad as planning to support the Republican nominee, including if it ended up being Donald Trump.

Gohmert told Varney, “Let’s work for unity here.”

Varney told Gohmert that Trump won’t apologize and that not supporting Trump is giving the election to Clinton.

“Well no, Donald Trump will be givin’ it to Hillary,” Gohmert responded. “His only way to beat Hillary is to be honest from here forward.”

“The way to go forward and win is to be honest from here on,” said Gohmert. “I mean holy cow, here are all these just condemnations of women, nasty comments [about] women. He’s got a lot to overcome, but if he gets honest about them, we’ll come together, we’ll unify, but I didn’t slap, I didn’t join lockstep with John Boehner because he was my Speaker when he was lying and wrong.”

Former Reagan economist Art Laffer joined the program, indicating that a bad economy hurts Hillary Clinton in the election. Laffer said, “Donald Trump is trying to get America great again and I’m with him all the way.”

Varney suggested that a slowing economy was good news for Trump.

Gohmert replied, “If he’ll listen to Laffer and not have this massive tariff, that starts a trade war the nobody wins, and will start lowering taxes like Art’s been pushing for many years, then yeah we’ll get on track, but he’s got to listen to the right people.”

Gohmert called a potential Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton presidency a “disaster” for the U.S. economy.

“Our only hope is somebody that understands free markets,” said Gohmert. “I think Trump can get there, he’s listening to Laffer, that’s a good thing.”

Varney interjected and urged Gohmert, “You gotta support him, you gotta come around, you gotta su–. You can have influence on the man if you support him.”

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