Terry McAuliffe Lied About Meeting Chinese Donor

McCauliffe and Wang Wenliang
AP Photos

Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe lied about meeting Wang Wenliang, the Chinese donor to his 2013 gubernatorial campaign whose contributions are now the subject of an FBI investigation.

McAuliffe told CNN after the story broke that he thinks he has never met Mr. Wenliang.

But McAuliffe actually went to the same dinner as Wenliang in 2012 before Wenliang made his potentially illegal donation to McAuliffe’s gubernatorial campaign. According to The New York Times:

“Mr. Wang also met with Mr. McAuliffe before he ran for governor, at a 2012 dinner hosted by Mr. Hodges. Mr. McAuliffe was an American businessman investing in China; Mr. Wang was a Chinese executive whose firms did business in Virginia. The next year, when Mr. McAuliffe ran for governor, one of Mr. Wang’s companies, West Legend, contributed to his campaign. (Corporate contributions are permitted in Virginia.)”

McAuliffe is a member of Hillary Clinton’s campaign Leadership Council in Virginia.


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