Chuck Schumer Cheers As Mitch McConnell Allows Another Gun Control Vote

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Gun control Senator Chuck Schumer (D.-NY) is cheering the decision by Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to allow another vote on gun control by the end of next week.

The Senate rejected four gun control bills on Monday, only to have Senator Susan Collins (R-Maine) introduce a fifth bill on Tuesday and have McConnell promise her it would get a vote.

The Chicago Tribune quoted Senator John Cornyn (R.-TX) saying McConnell made clear that if Collins wants a vote on her bill “she’ll get one.”

In other words, after defeating Senator Chris Murphy’s (D.-CT) attempt to use the Orlando terror attack as an opportunity to expand background checks to gun shows and also defeating Senator Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CT) to create a watch list of people who used to be on watch lists, McConnell is still opening the door to one more chance for gun control.

And Senator Schumer is cheering.

In fact, Senator Schumer says one of the great opportunities provided by Collins’ bill is the opportunity to break the NRA’s hold on the Republican Senate.

Democrats made a push to include the no-fly list into the National Instant Criminal Background Check System’s prohibited buyers list after the San Bernardino attack. And the Los Angeles Times countered them, citing the list’s imprecision and the fact that many of the people on it “have not been convicted of doing anything wrong.” So they lose constitutional rights without Due Process.

Moreover, the Boston Globe countered the push as well, asking, “If people on the no-fly list and the even more comprehensive terrorist-screening watchlist pose such an urgent threat to national security, why haven’t they been arrested?”

CNN and The Washington Post also voiced concern over the trustworthiness of the no-fly list.

Again, these four establishment media outlets–LA Times, the Globe, CNN, Washington Post–argued against using the no-fly list for gun purchases at a time when Democrats were pushing it. And not surprisingly, the Democrat push was defeated.

Now, Republican Senator Susan Collins is pushing gun control based on the same idea and McConnell says her legislation will get a vote.

On June 14 Breitbart News warned of McConnell’s intimation that he might be “open” to post-Orlando gun control.

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