Hillary Throws Hand Symbol During Raucous Rally with Elizabeth Warren

Hillary Gang Hand Signal

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton threw up a hand symbol after Sen. Elizabeth Warren chanted her name to rally Democratic voters in Ohio today.

“Here’s what it boils down to,” Warren said. “Hillary has brains, she has guts, she has thick skin and steady hands, but most of all, she has a good heart and that’s what America needs, and that’s why I’m with her.

Clinton stood behind a teleprompter and applauded Warren’s speech while smiling and nodding in approval.

As the crowd cheered, Warren shouted, “Are you with her? Are you with her?” before punching the sky and chanting “Hillary! Hillary! Hillary!”

Clinton responded to the crowd’s excitement by throwing a hand symbol, as her crowd of supporters laughed.

Hillary Clinton flashes a hand symbol during a rally with Elizabeth Warren

Warren criticized Donald Trump after he described her as “goofy” on Twitter this morning.

“Donald Trump says he’ll make America great again,” she said. “It’s right there, no, it’s stamped on the front of his goofy hat. You want to see goofy, look at him in that hat.”


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