EXCLUSIVE – Alex Jones on Roger Ailes Resignation: They Are Coming Next for Drudge, InfoWars, Breitbart, Rush Limbaugh


CLEVELAND, Ohio – “This is the biggest assault on the free press we have seen in modern times,” declared national radio host and InfoWars.com chief Alex Jones.

Jones was responding to the news, dropped just hours before Donald Trump’s speech here at the National Republican Convention, that Fox News chief executive Roger Ailes has resigned in the wake of a sexual harassment allegation by a former anchor.

Jones warned that after the “takedown of Fox News” the next outlets on the chopping block will be Drudge Report, Rush Limbaugh, Infowars.com and Breitbart News.

Watch Jones interview below:

Jones was being interviewed by this reporter during Breitbart’s live stream coverage from the RNC on Thursday. Longtime Donald Trump confidante Roger Stone was also being interviewed in the same segment.

Here are Jones’s quotes regarding the resignation of Ailes.

“This is the biggest assault on the free press we have seen in modern times. I knew about this a long time ago but I couldn’t talk about it obviously from people inside Fox. This is a coup. Oh, he hugged Megyn Kelly 6 years ago. Oh my God.”

“This is the takedown of Fox News with the liberal Murdochs. The family to take over and turn it into CNN right during an election. This is their desperation. This is a media coup. Because in the 21st century, you don’t have military coups in America, you have media coups. And mark my words, mark my words. They get Fox News the next Limbaugh. The next is Drudge. The next is Infowars. The next is Breitbart. Everybody else. You mark my words. They are coming after free speech.”

“Like a year ago, Drudge came to visit me. He said, ‘Listen, I met with the Supreme Court Justice. He has been told get behind benning Free Speech. It’s happening next year.’ And Drudge was freaked out. He doesn’t make stuff up. And I have my sources. This is happening. We are witnessing, because liberty is so popular. We are the Liberals. We are the Constitutionalists. To actually shut us down because they can’t beat us in a level playing field of ideas.”

“It’s like them going after Milo and banning him on Twitter. It’s like them going after Drudge and then the Federal Elections Commission saying they want to go after Drudge. It’s like what’s happening with the takedown of Fox. They are really trying to kill free speech. And do we recognize this? Do we see how naked this is? This is a big deal folks. This is a big deal.”

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