Trump: ‘I Have the Best Temperament, a Winning Temperament’

Trump Winning Temperment AP

Republican nominee Donald Trump told his supporters at a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado on Friday that he had hoped Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton would have congratulated him for being the Republican nominee during her speech at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) on Thursday night.

“I thought she would give me a big, fat, beautiful congratulations,” Trump stated, also knocking her speech for saying he could be baited by a tweet on Twitter.

“If somebody tweets, I do what I do — who cares,” the billionaire responded. “I think I have the best temperament…of anybody that’s ever run for the office of president because I have a winning temperament. I know how to win because my whole life I’ve been winning.”

Trump also said Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) looked “angry” during Clinton’s speech. “No smile, his wife pats him on the back,” Trump recalled. “Honestly, he made a big mistake.”

The Republican nominee also took credit for the DNC incorporating police officers into the final day of their convention after earlier having featured mothers who had children that were killed by law enforcement. “They put the police up because they were getting a lot of heat,” Trump suggested.

He recalled how during a moment of silence for fallen police officers, people in the audience interrupted, shouting, “black lives matter!”

“Tough situation. Not good,” Trump said of the interruption.

More than 100 professors at the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs signed a faculty letter opposing Trump’s visit on the campus. The letter was intended to “condemn the content of the rhetoric that Mr. Trump has used since announcing his bid for Presidency.”

Despite the letter, Trump held the campaign rally at the Gallogly Event Center on campus. However, he wasn’t happy about the venue limiting the amount of people who were allowed into the space — saying there were thousands of people outside waiting and also in another side room.

Trump is also holding a campaign rally in Denver, Colorado Friday night at 7 p.m. MST.


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