Yahoo: Kellyanne Conway Rises as Trump Campaign Infighting Intensifies

Kellyanne Conway

From Jon Ward and Hunter Walker writing at Yahoo:

But Trump also awards outsized status to those who he sees on television, the Manafort associate said, pointing out that Kellyanne Conway, who worked for a super-PAC backing Sen. Ted Cruz’s candidacy, is now “at the grown-up table,” working out of Trump Tower in New York.

“Trump loves her. He sees her on TV,” he said. “Trump listens to people who go on TV.”

Manafort does not usually travel with Trump, instead staying in New York trying to organize a chaotic campaign that has relied for much of Trump’s candidacy solely on the reality TV personality’s ability to function as a one-man “media organization” — as Buzzfeed’s Ben Smith put it — through social media and TV appearances.

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