Bloomberg’s Joshua Green: Clinton Foundation Foreign Cash Ban ‘Win for Peter Schweizer’

Peter Schweizer
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Bloomberg Businessweek‘s national correspondent Joshua Green called the Clinton presidential campaign’s recent announcement — that if Hillary Clinton is elected her family foundation will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations — a “win for Peter Schweizer.”

“Win for : AP reports Clinton Foundation will bar foreign/corporate donations if Hillary’s elected,” Green posted to Twitter Wednesday.

Green’s hat tip to Schweizer was an acknowledgment that the explosive research found in the Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large’s New York Times bestselling book Clinton Cash, is what led to the Clinton’s remarkable course correction.

And, to his credit, Schweizer is well aware.

“The new pledge is a stunning tacit admission of wrongdoing, but it comes too little too late and raises the obvious question: If it would be wrong for Hillary’s foundation to accept foreign cash as president, why wasn’t it wrong for Hillary’s foundation to accept foreign cash from oligarchs and countries who had business pending on her desk as Sec. of State?” Schweizer wrote on Thursday.

Schweizer continued: “Moreover, if, as has been confirmed by numerous mainstream media organizations, Hillary Clinton violated her ethics pledge with the Obama administration to disclose all Clinton Foundation donations, why should the American people believe she would now honor a new pledge to forgo bagging cash from foreign oligarchs and countries?”

The Democratic party presidential nominee’s new promise to cease acceptance of foreign donations for her embattled family foundation if she becomes President comes on the heels of news that the Clinton Foundation has been rocked by fears that its internal servers may have been compromised by hackers.

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