Arizona Power Players Praise Trump’s Mexico Visit as ‘Presidential’

AP Photo/Dario Lopez-Mills
Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Congressman Trent Franks and former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer both offered praise after Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump’s trip to Mexico.

In an interview with Breitbart News at Trump’s immigration speech in Phoenix Wednesday night, Congressman Trent Franks said he was pleased with the outcome of Trump’s trip to Mexico City. Franks who sits on the Armed Services committee and the Judiciary committee as well as being very active in the national security realm knows the importance of securing the border.

Franks says “Donald Trump obliterated Hillary Clinton’s notion that he cannot exist effectively on a national stage.” Franks went to say: “He looked very presidential, he dominated the entire event extremely well and I thought it was one of his most impressive days I have seen in his campaign.”

In an interview with Andrea Mitchell Thursday morning on MSNBC, Franks added, “I do a lot of national security considerations, and I think the one area of border security that is overlooked is the national security implications, Donald Trump does not do that and in terms of national security, the notion of Hillary Clinton being President, makes me want to sleep with the lights on as it should for all Americans.”

Former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, well known for her tough stance on immigration, also approved of Trump’s trip. “I thought it was fantastic. He absolutely showed leadership,” Brewer said in a separate interview with Breitbart News.”

Brewer went on to say “he [Trump] looked very presidential and diplomatic, and that’s the Donald Trump that we want for our President of the United States of America.”

In an interview with Greta Van Susteren Wednesday night, Brewer said in regard to Hillary Clinton not accepting Nieto’s invitation, “Hillary Clinton is in hiding obviously, we all know that. She is out there raising money and picking pockets for herself, we have another president candidate who is out there talking to the people and sending a message talking to people.”