Choke Artist: Hillary Clinton Has Yet Another Coughing Fit on Plane Ride from Ohio to Iowa

Three Coughing Clintons abc:AP

NEW YORK CITY, New York — Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president, had yet another coughing fit on her plane flight from Ohio to Iowa in front of the traveling press, ABC News reports.

Liz Kreutz from ABC News notes that while Clinton still hasn’t held a formal press conference, after her Labor Day event in Cleveland, Ohio, she hopped into the press cabin of her new campaign plane, which was flying to the Quad Cities area of Iowa, to take a handful of questions from reporters. But instead of actually being able to answer their questions, Clinton had to cut the “press availability” short because of another coughing fit.

Video of the presser on Hillary Clinton’s plane shot by Fox News shows that she literally walked away from the press when she burst out into the coughing fit.

Later, Clinton came back to the press area of the plane–which is distinct and separate from the rest of the plane, which has four separate cabins for press, Secret Service, Clinton herself, and for her staff–to “finish” the press gaggle. She didn’t make it back until the plane landed, and when she came back she had a bottle of water in hand.

According to ABC News reporter Liz Kreutz, Clinton always keeps a glass of water and at least two lozenges under the podium wherever she speaks.

Earlier in the day in Cleveland when she took the stage and had barely started speaking before breaking out into perhaps the worst coughing fit she’s ever had in public, Clinton blamed it on being “allergic” to Donald Trump–the Republican nominee for president.

But now, on her plane after her second coughing fit of the day, Clinton’s story changed to that she has “seasonal allergies.”

Clinton has thus far refused to release her medical records, and Trump has goaded her on that fact, saying he just might release his to the public to force her hand on the matter.


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