Exclusive — ‘Black Guns Matter’ Founder: Democrats Do Not Want Urban Blacks to Know About Second Amendment

Facebook/Official Black Guns Matter Page_Maj Toure
Facebook/Official Black Guns Matter Page_Maj Toure

On September 16, “Black Guns Matter” (BGM) founder Maj Toure told Breitbart News that Democrats do not want urban blacks to know about the Second Amendment.

Breitbart News reported that Toure launched BGM to educate his fellow black citizens–particularly those in urban areas–about the importance of the Second Amendment.

Our starting point on September 16 was a tweet containing a video of Toure stressing that the Second Amendment cannot survive without the support of “the hood.”

Toure and Breitbart News discussed the video, focusing particularly on the South Side of Democrat-run Chicago and the inner city of Democrat-run Baltimore, and Toure said:

In the urban areas, a lot of the 2A information is deliberately not put out there. That’s why, wherever there is high gun crimes, it goes hand-to-hand with high gun control issues. These things are also based on population. When there is a large population, there tends to be a lot of gun control because higher-up people want to control other people.

He continued:

The thing is, the 2A community, people who are actively fighting to preserve the Second Amendment, is a small niche market. And it serves our opposition well to make sure that urban demographics do not have Second Amendment information and the confidence that is necessary to exercise their rights.

Toure said the war against the Second Amendment is won by “attrition,” with Democrats passing “one little law, one more ‘common sense gun law,’ at a time” until the entire Amendment is undercut.

He then stressed that “the hood” and the “general public” overlap when it comes to the need for Second Amendment education. He described the general public as working people who live in large populations in various parts of cities around the country, parts other than the inner cities. He described such people as those who “live paycheck to paycheck,” saying, “That is most of America. That is the ‘the hood’ that has to get on board to support the Second Amendment. If not, that small minority of little ‘Napoleon complex’ dictators will win. They will win by tricking ‘the hood,’ tricking the general public into giving their rights away.”

Toure added, “If ‘the hood,’ people who are working-class, and people who want to accomplish the American Dream continue to be bamboozled about the Second Amendment–letting the media brainwash them that ‘guns are bad,’ then we’re going to lose.” He said, “They have to know that their Second Amendment right is a human right; it is a basic unalienable right–and no one is going to take it.”

AWR Hawkins is the Second Amendment columnist for Breitbart News and political analyst for Armed American Radio. Follow him on Twitter: @AWRHawkins. Reach him directly at awrhawkins@breitbart.com.


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